Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How to compress PSD files upto 25% original size

PSD file is the Photoshop Document File the default save type of your photoshop editing .

Normally a .psd file has many layers and each layer takes up some space and the final file is normally huge bigger than most other photo formats.

Here are steps to reduce the size in order to be able to easily share .psd files.

STEP 1: Hide All The Layers And Save .psd

Use the layers panel and hide all layers.

Once you have done tht save the work as .psd file. (be sure to include all hidden layers)

STEP 2 : Compress the .psd file using WinRar.

Now compress your .psd file using best Rar compression method.


The Resulting Rar file will be around 25% of the original size.

.psd file with all layer -----> 45 Mb
.psd file with hidden layers-----> 25 Mb
.psd file with hidden layers and compressed to rar----->11 Mb

This will surely save a lot of space and ease sending these files over the net.

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